book2 Deutsch - Polnisch 1.3

book2 Deutsch - Polnisch 1.3: Download 100 audio (mp3) files and learn easy sentences in Polish! Learn Polish quickly and easily with 100 downloadable mp3 files. The audio trainer book2 is free and contains 100 lessons that provide beginners with the basic vocabulary. Listen to book2 on your mp3 player anywhere! You will be able to fluently speak short sentences in Polish in real-world situations in no time. The book2 method ( successfully combines audio and text for effective language learning.

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Linguata Polish 4.6

A practical realistic and fast approach to learning words and phrases in Polish , using a combination of sophisticated testing and simple games allowing you the freedom to learn at work, at home and on the move. Recognizing the time constraints that many people are under and that fluency is not a practical goal for most of us, Linguata provides an alternative solution which is to learn words and phrases, the building blocks of language.

foreign, polish, language, learning

DPCRYPT  1.05: Cryption tool with very high secure

With this program you can crypt you file secure with: Blowfish, Cast256, 3DES, Mars, Twofish, RC6, Rijndael and Serpent. DPCRYPT use the full crypt keysize from the cipher. BLOWFISH SFX Creation with pw-check (high secure) Language: Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, English, Fran├žais, German, polish, italian, magyar, polish, portuguese,russian, slovakia, swabian, swedish, ukrainian.

3des, rijndael serpent, mars, cast256, blowfish, twofish

Wave Wash and Polish 1.1.2: A batch processor for removing noise (hiss and pops) from wave files.
Wave Wash and Polish 1.1.2

Wave Wash & Polish is a batch filter designed to remove stationary and transient noise (`hiss` and `pops`) from music and other audio data stored in standard 16/8 bit sterero/mono wave files (sorry, no direct support for mp3 files). You can select a bunch of files, click on a button and go for a walk with your dog while WWP does the dirtywork. On a 2 GHz computer, WWP will process approximately 3-4 minutes of CD-quality data per minute.

audio, clicks, pops, filter, hiss, music, wave, noise

txt2pdf 10.2: txt2pdf is a flexible and powerful converter from  text files to PDFs
txt2pdf 10.2

txt2pdf is program. to convert old txt, spool, text, textual report to nice pdf (form, invoice, report , sale sheet) on every Windows version and also on Solaris, Linux HP-UX, AIX, Mac OS X, tru64, openvms, sco, irix, bsd, ... Support for Japanese, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, Greek, Hebrew, Polish, Cyrillic, Thai languages.

thai, polish, tru64, solaris, korean, windows, form, chinese, txttopdf, text, texttopdf, irix, sanface

Invoicer 3.801: INVOICER is invoicing software designed for the small to medium sized business
Invoicer 3.801

Madar Invoicer is a simple, userfriendly program, dedicated to small companies, which are looking for software helping them to prepare and print invoices. It is full compatible with other Madar software. Madar Invoicer can be used as well in english-, german- and polish speaking countries.

receipts, invoice, billing

Flash Card Factory v1.0.0.0: FCF is a unique and fun software of helping you to learn a foreign language.
Flash Card Factory v1.0.0.0

Flash Card Factory is a unique and fun software of helping you to learn new vocabularies.Learn English,Spanish,Turkish,Portuguese,German,French,Italian,Russian,Chinese,Japanese,Korean,Arabic,Hindi,Indonesian,Polish,Romanian,Vietnamese and more.Download the suitable database for you from can customize the software to built vocabulary lists for every language in the world!Also it can be used as a desktop dictionary.

polish, italian, korean, english, french, spanish, chinese, portuguese, turkish, tool, german, vocabulary, flashcard

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